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"Preach the Word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching.' II Tm. 4:2

June 3, 2018

Upon waking that fateful Sunday morning, countless of our brothers and sisters had no idea how, in just a few hours, their lives would be forever changed.

A year has passed since that tragic day of pain and loss, and few things have changed for those who survived. As the reporters have moved on to other stories and our fellow Guatemalans are now busy with their own struggles, these humble widows and orphans are still searching. They are still searching for the remains of loved ones...for direction...and for physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

We have walked alongside these humble campesinos for the past 12 months and have shared in their tears.  They have shared their fears and, yes, even their anger towards God at the loss of their loved ones.  And we have listened. And, with your help, we will continue to listen and to disciple and  to help them comprehend the mercy of Christ.

We are now ready to write another chapter in their ongoing pursuit of starting over. This July (date to be announced) we will be holding a remembrance and memorial service for all those who survived that fateful day last June.                                                Please check back for updates on this special service.

Our prayers for this community gathering are for the healing of those still broken and in inspiring those still adrift atop waves of grief.

UPDATE: New Mission VIDEO - Damaris' vision
   (English to come soon)

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